TCSPC and Time Tagging Electronics

PicoHarp 330 NEW

Precise and Versatile Event Timer & TCSPC Unit

PicoHarp 330 is an Event Timer & TCSPC Unit with outstanding timing precision and versatile trigger methods made for applications with up to three channels.

  • Outstanding timing precision of 2 ps RMS (single channel)
  • 1+1 or 1+2 independent channels with 1 ps base resolution (useable for input and synchronization)
  • Common sync with a trigger rate of up to 640 MHz
  • Versatile trigger methods (CFDs and level triggers)
  • USB 3 super speed (5 Gbps) enables sustained time tagging with up to 85 Mcps
  • Ultrashort dead time (680 ps), no dead time across channels
  • 65536 histogram bins per channel, minimum width 1 ps
  • Adjustable delay on each channel with 1 ps resolution
  • Multi-stop capability for efficiency at slow repetition rates
  • External synchronization signals for (fluorescence lifetime) imaging or other control events

Download datasheet for PicoHarp 330

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