More than 25 years of PicoQuant

Excellency in photonic components and instrumentation

"It has been an exciting and successful journey for us at PicoQuant. When we started in 1996, I could not imagine that we would – one day – be a company with globally over 125 employees. I am also very proud, that we are successfully making complex scientific applications accessible to researchers all over the world."

Rainer Erdmann
Managing Director and one of the company founders

Rainer Erdmann - Founder and CEO of PicoQuant

How PicoQuant got started

PicoQuant was founded in 1996 by four young scientists and engineers who set themselves the goal to develop optical instrumentation designed by scientists for scientists. The company focused from the beginning on offering innovative and high quality products for international customers working as researchers in various scientific fields. By staying true to this standard, the company became world leader in the field of time-resolved optical measurements. The company’s product portfolio covers a broad range of products, instrumentation, and applications.

What customers say about PicoQuant

What PicoQuant does for the scientific community

Workshop Celebration

Since 1995 there has been the annual Single Molecule Workshop, which brings together the top researchers in the field. PicoQuant continues for more than 25 years to encourage the exchange of knowledge with this event.

What PicoQuant stands for

Our mission: Making complex scientific methods accessible to a large group of researchers by developing and manufacturing high quality, reliable devices that are easy to use. Thus, we enable our society to solve the problems of tomorrow.
Encouraging and fostering the scientific development of young researchers is also a key philosophy of PicoQuant. The company awards several yearly prizes for young researchers. It also organizes annual training courses on time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy, and the leading international workshop on single molecule detection. Furthermore, assuming social responsibility and commitment are a guiding principle at PicoQuant. The company financially supports multiple social, educational, and environmental projects every year.

What PicoQuant cares about

To celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary in 2021, PicoQuant decided to support three additional local projects that were suggested by its employees. One of the selected charities is "Strassenkinder e.V.", which fosters socially disadvantaged children through education and social participation. The company also supports an environmental project by "MoorFutures"; and the science education focused charity "Technische Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungsgesellschaft".

Uerbergabe Spende an Strassenkinder e.V.

PicoQuant throughout the years

Our selected highlights from the company's history

Join us on a journey into the past with our highlights! We have selected a few milestones, achievements and events that showcase our continued commitment to providing excellency in photonic components and instrumentation as well as supporting the scientific community.

1996 Founding of PicoQuant


Four young scientists and engineers in Berlin Adlershof start developing and producing picosecond pulsed diode lasers, the LDH series, and the manually controlled laser driver PDL 800.

1996 Founding of PicoQuant
1997 Exhibition


For the first time, PicoQuant takes part as an exhibitor at the BiOS (USA) and the Laser - World of Photonics (Munich) conferences.

1998 TimeHarp 100


PicoQuant introduces the TimeHarp 100 - its first TCSPC unit - to the market, coupled with the first visit to a customer by a company employee.

1998 TimeHarp 100>


It's about time.