PicoQuant offers specialized software for the analysis of quantum correlations and fluorescence measurements. This includes multiexponential fluorescence decay fitting as well as special methods like FLIM and FLIM-FRET, FCS, FCCS, FLCS, anisotropy, antibunching, coincidences and the analysis of fluorescence time traces.


Quantum Correlation Analysis Software

  • Antibunching (g(2)) measurements including fitting of several models
  • Coincidence counting / event filtering using AND, OR, NOT operators
  • Preview of antibunching curve and correlation data during measurement
  • Remote control via TCP/IP Interface
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QuCoa Software

SymPhoTime 64

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Correlation Software

  • Point, 2D, and 3D TTTR data acquisition with online preview of FLIM, FCS, time-traces, or TCSPC histograms
  • FCS, FCCS, FLCS, PIE-FCS, coincidence correlation, total correlation
  • FRET, PIE-FRET, fluorescence time traces, anisotropy
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SymPhoTime 64 Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Correlation Software

EasyTau 2

Fluorescence Spectrometer Control and Data Analysis Software

  • Data fitting / analysis software for set-ups based on PicoQuant TCSPC electronics
  • Combined software solution for data fitting / analysis and controlling the FluoTime 250 and 300 spectrometer
  • Wizard-guided measurements or full control with customized mode
  • Steady-state and global decay analysis with robust error analysis
  • Powerful scripting language for automation (local and remote)
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EasyTau 2 Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

snAPI free

Fast, Intuitive, and Versatile Python Wrapper

  • Download from GitHub for free
  • Benefit from seamless communication, configuration, and data handling with PicoQuant's TCSPC devices
  • Access, manipulate, and process raw data stream, or read from file
  • Efficiently handle large photon counts with real-time analysis
  • Build your own algorithms, implement complex calculations, and develop tailored data processing pipelines directly in Python
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snAPI Fast, Intuitive, and Versatile Python Wrapper