MultiHarp 160

Fast and precise event timer and TCSPC unit
with up to 64 detector channels




Do your applications call for a time tagger featuring a large number of synchronized inputs without compromises in time resolution and data throughput?

Our MultiHarp 160 is the right choice: Get a high quality device that offers scalability with up to 64 input channels, a single output stream, 5 ps time resolution, dead times less than 650 ps, two types of data interfaces (USB 3.0 and FPGA link) and that is even ready for integration into White rabbit timing networks for long-distance synchronization.

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Recorded webinar

Webinar on the MultiHarp 160 by Dr. Torsten LangerTackling a billion events per second – High throughput time tagging using the new MultiHarp 160 with FPGA interface

Watch our recorded webinar by Application Specialist Dr. Torsten Langer for a closer look at the MultiHarp 160, PicoQuant’s new scalable multichannel event timer and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) unit. You will learn more about the unit’s capabilities as well as how the MultiHarp 160 might be of use for applications requiring high data throughput.

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