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21st Single Molecule Workshop

21st International Workshop on “Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy in the Life Sciences”

September 2-4, 2015 in Berlin, Germany

Image 21st Single Molecule Workshop 2015


The 21st International Workshop on “Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Super-resolution Microscopy in the Life Sciences”, organized by PicoQuant GmbH from September 2 – 4, 2015, brought together researchers from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to share their experiences and report on the latest developments in the field of ultrasensitive optical detection, both down to the single molecule level and beyond the classical diffraction limit.

A total of 36 presentations reporting on latest developments, along with lectures by renowned scientists, were attended and enjoyed by 80 participants. The workshop was complimented by a poster session featuring 30 scientific posters and by informal gatherings during the reception and dinner, leading the fruitful discussions about ideas and projects as well as opportunities for networking.

During the workshop, PicoQuant also presented its MicroTime 200 time-resolved microscopy platform that can integrate atomic force microscopes, spectrographs, and even provide STED super-resolution via easySTED. Thus offering a wide range of characterization methods in a single set-up.

In his concluding remarks, Taekjip Ha (University of Illinois, USA) compellingly showed that the future of single molecule detection methods lies in going towards super-resolution. With his inspiring remarks, he encourages researchers to further pursue this emerging technique in single molecule biology, so that it might become a standard in the future.

Group photo Single Molecule Workshop 2015


The program is still available for download:

Student award

Winner of the student award 2015As expected  from the previous years, the trend for excellent contributions continued and made it very difficult for the jury to nominate a single winner. So this years student award of 750 Euro was split between Anne Plochowietz (University of Oxford) who presented her work on “mobility and spatial distribution of transfer RNA (tRNA) in live bacteria using single-molecule tracking” and Sinan Kilic (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) who talked on how “multivalency and local competition of heterchromatin protein 1 governs dynamic protein turnover in stable heterochromatin domains”.



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