Photon Counting Detectors

PMA Series

Photomultiplier Detector Assembly

  • Timing resolution < 180 ps (FWHM)
  • Quantum efficiencies up to 40% (cathode dependent)
  • Spectral ranges from 230 nm to 920 nm available
  • Optional thermoelectric cooler
  • Internal GHz pre-amplifier and shutter
  • Simple 12 V DC power supply, no HV supply required
  • RF and magnetic shielding with refined iron or nickel coated aluminum housing

The PMA detector is a single photon sensitive, fully integrated, fast time response and low noise photon sensor. The PMA integrates a fast Photomultiplier Tube (PMT), a high voltage power supply and a pre-amplifier. Thermoelectric cooling and automatic overload protection are available as an option.

Housing with dedicated RF and magnetic shielding

These devices are built in an iron or nickel coated aluminum housing with titanium nitride or gold refinement to achieve high level of RF and magnetic shielding and protection against the interference with other devices. The built in pre-amplifier is specially targeted at timing sensitive applications such as Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC). Signal output for all models is a standard 50 Ohms SMA connector.

Spectral ranges between 230 nm and 920 nm

Detection effciency of detectors from the PMA SeriesVarious photocathodes can be incorporated into the PMA to meet the user's needs. Two different cathode versions are available. A blue sensitive, low dark count version with very high quantum efficiency up to 40% covers the spectral range from 230 nm to 700 nm. An extended red sensitive cathode covers the 230 nm to 920 nm range with a quantum efficiency up to 20%. A thermoelectrically cooled housing is available to reduce the dark count rate (recommended for red sensitive versions).

Integrated shutter, overload detection

The housing is available in three different versions. The OEM design contains no safety shutter. Standard PMA-M features a security shutter, which can be interlocked with e.g. a sample chamber lid. Cooled versions (PMA-C Series) incorporate in addition an automatic overload detection function that closes the shutter in case of over-illumination. All modules needs a 12 V DC supply line, which is delivered with the PMA-M and PMA-C versions.

  PMA 175  PMA 192
Wavelength range 230 - 700 nm 230 - 920 nm
Dark counts (uncooled model, typ. value)* < 50 cps < 10 000 cps**
Dark counts (cooled model, typ. value)* < 50 cps < 1100 cps**
Transit time spread (FWHM, typ. value) < 180 ps
Recommended max. count rate 5 MHz
Single electron response width 1.5 ns
Pulse rise / fall time 750 ps
Signal Output
Connector SMA female
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarity negative
Power Supply
Input 12 V DC
Max. current consumption (uncooled) 200 mA
Max. current consumption (cooled) 450 mA
OEM unit 134 × 84 × 34 mm (w × d × h)
PMA (uncooled) 72 × 84 × 84 mm (w × d × h)
PMA-C (cooled) 120 × 84 × 110 mm (w × d × h)
Detector active area 8 mm

* at 20°C ambient temperature
** lower dark counts might be available on special selection. Please contact us for details.

Typical quantum efficiency vs. wavelength

Detection effciency of detectors from the PMA Series

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