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February 27, 2023

PicoQuant’s new confocal microscope, Luminosa, makes FLIM easy

Featured in Microscopy Today

Our new confocal microscope, Luminosa, is featured in the latest issue of Microscopy Today. In the article, our applications specialist Dr. Maria Loidolt-Krüger describes how Luminosa simplifies fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM). With its unique combination of state-of-the-art hardware and cutting-edge software, the microscope makes time-resolved fluorescence microscopy accessible to researchers of all levels while delivering high-quality data.

Read the full article at https://academic.oup.com/mt/article/31/1/24/7043305.

PicoQuant’s new confocal microscope, Luminosa, makes FLIM easy

February 20, 2023

Three Winners of the SPIE BiOS Young Investigator Award

PicoQuant sponsors a prize worth 750 USD

The winners of the Young Investigator Award 2023 are Marina Santana Vega, University of Glasgow (UK), for her talk on "A new platform for single molecule measurements using the fluorous effect", Gur Lubin, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), for his talk on "Heralded spectroscopy: a new single-particle probe for nanocrystal photophysics", and Adam Bowman, Stanford University (USA), for his talk on "Electro-optic fluorescence lifetime microscopy (EO-FLIM) of single molecules and neurons".


The BiOS symposium that is part of SPIE Photonics West, North America's largest photonics event, was held 28 January to 2 February 2023 in San Francisco, California, USA. Every year, PicoQuant co-organizes the special conference "Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Superresolution Imaging" within the BiOS symposium and sponsors the "Young Investigator Award" worth 750 USD.

Three Winners of the SPIE BiOS Young Investigator Award

February 20, 2023

Registration is open: Time-resolved Microscopy Course

The online event gives an in-depth introduction to a powerful experimental toolbox through lectures practical sessions

It is our pleasure to announce the 15th International Course on "Time-resolved Microscopy and Correlation Spectroscopy" taking place July 4 - 7, 2023 as an online meeting. The schedule of the online course will run between 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm CET (Berlin time), to better accommodate participants from different time zones. 

Our course provides an in-depth introduction to the world of time-resolved fluorescence microscopy with a focus on life science applications. The course combines a series of lectures by experts in the field with practical sessions on systems from the market-leading companies Nikon, Evident, Zeiss, and PicoQuant.

Lecturers include:

  • Prof. Jelle Hendrix (Biomedical Research Institute, Hasselt, Belgium)
  • Prof. Stefanie Weidtkamp-Peters (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Dr. Samaneh Rezvani (PicoQuant GmbH, Berlin, Germany)
  • Dr. Olaf Schulz (PicoQuant GmbH, Berlin, Germany)

Registration and Details: Time-resolved Microscopy Course

Registration is open: Time-resolved Microscopy Course

January 16, 2023

Luminosa brings smFRET to a new level

An article in PhotonicsViews

Read in the new issue of PhotonicsViews, how our new Single Photon Counting Confocal Microscope Luminosa brings single molecule Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (smFRET) to a new level. Quantitative single molecule and time-resolved fluorescence techniques offer new insights into many samples in life and materials sciences. So far, their adoption has been slow because expert knowledge was required for correct data acquisition and analysis. Now, we have developed Luminosa, a confocal miroscope that combines state-of-the-art hardware with cutting-edge software to deliver high-quality data while simplifying daily operation. The article shows how Luminosa streamlines smFRET experiments.

Read the article in the Wiley Online Library: https://doi.org/10.1002/phvs.202300002

Luminosa brings smFRET to a new level

January 13, 2023

Our highlights at Photonics West 2023

Drop by at our booths 8825 and 3325

Ten of our experts are looking forward to meeting you and the whole photonics community in person January 28 - February 2, 2023 at the SPIE Photonics West 2023 in San Francisco. This year, we are bringing exciting innovations in all three product lines with us:

First and foremost, Luminosa, our brand new single photon counting confocal microscope. Next, Prima, a compact three-color picosecond laser module. Finally, novel features for the MultiHarp 150 and MultiHarp 160, our high-throughput event timers with up to 64 channels.

So come by our booths to see these and other new products live and to catch up with our specialists.

BiOS exhibition: booth 8325
Photonics West exhibition: booth 3325

You may also contact us in advance to make an appoinment with one of our colleagues: info@picoquant.com

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Our highlights at Photonics West 2023