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June 27, 2019

PicoQuant releases update for EasyTau 2

The version 2.1 update for the system control and analysis package includes some exciting new features

The EasyTau 2 software package is the one-stop solution for both full hardware control of time-resolved luminescence spectrometers from the FluoTime Series as well as for interactive data analysis and fitting. The main feature of the 2.1 EasyTau update is the introduction of time-resolved scans for TRES-like experiments in customized mode.

The update also adds new scripting functions allowing for user input or switching the light source, detector or Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) unit. Version 2.1 and offers some quality of life changes such as starting the measurement of an instrument response function via a separate button, as well as improvements for ASCII export and HTML / PDF reporting functions.

EasyTau 2 offers dedicated applications wizards guiding users through the optimization and data acquisition process for many common applications. Advanced users get full control over all instrumental aspects thanks to a customized mode and scripting language. The integrated analysis and fitting module supports a broad range of time-resolved spectroscopy applications, such as fluorescence and phosphorescence decays, or anisotropy measurements. A powerful report generator allows creating presentation-ready graphical and numerical output.

Product website: https://www.picoquant.com/products/category/software/easytau-2



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