Lasers for OEM Integration

CPDL-M/S Series

Compact Diode Lasers for OEM Integration

  • Compact design for integration
  • Wavelengths between 375 and 1990 nm
  • Pulse widths < 100 ps
  • Fixed intensity setting
  • Internally triggered or externally triggered versions

The CPDL-M and CPDL-S Series from PicoQuant consists of a range of laser heads solutions for OEM integration. These laser heads are based on our well established picosecond pulsed diode laser technologies as used in the LDH Series. The CPDL-M and CPDL-S heads do not require a laser driver from the PDL Series for operation.

However, some (simple) integration work on the customer’s side is needed to provide an electrical power supply. Optionally, a specific CPDL power supply including key and frequency switches can be provided  for plug and play operation. These laser heads do not require any adjustment and are delivered with fixed intensity setting (i.e. with fixed pulse shape and pulse energy). The laser heads can be triggered either internally (CPDL-M) at selected  repetition rates (typically 40, 20, 10, and 5 MHz) or externally (CPDL-S) at any repetition rate ranging from single shot up to typically 40 MHz.

The model list shown here is non-exhaustive and custom tailored solutions can be realized on request. Feel free to to contact us with your requirements.

Pulse widths down to 20 ps

Pin assignment for the CPDL-M/S SeriesIn general, laser heads from the CPDL Series generate pulses with a temporal width of ca. 100 ps (FWHM). Some models can achieve pulse widths down to 20 ps. The exact temporal pulse width depends on both the laser diode and the intensity level at which it is currently operated. The intensity level of the CPDL-S and CPDL-M heads are set during manufacturing at the level you choose for your application.

Repetition rates

Logic table used for selecting repetition rates of CPDL-M/S Series laser headsCPDL-M heads are delivered with a fundamental frequenciy of 40 MHz (80 MHz is available on request for some wavelengths). This fundamental frequency can be divided by a factor of 2, 4, and 8 using a pair of logical levels. CPDL-S heads are delivered with an external trigger input, which can be triggered at any repetition rate between single shot and 40 MHz. For some wavelengths, 80 MHz is available on request. Combining high intensity settings with fast repetition rates can lead to significant heat generation, which needs to be taken into consideration when designing heat dissipation solutions for some diode types. Please ask PicoQuant if you have any question about this.

Fiber coupling and combiner

All laser heads from the CPDL Series can be optionally coupled into a variety of optical fibers (multi-mode, single mode, or polarization maintaining single mode) via different connector types. We recommend FC/APC connectors for most applications, since they prevent back reflections that can interfere with laser stability. For more details, refer to our solutions for fiber coupling.


CPDL-M and CPDL-S lasers are suitable for a wide range of applications including semiconductor diagnostics, testing of detectors and cameras, ranging / LiDAR, seeding of amplifiers, material processing, free-space data transmission, fluorescence lifetime measurements, time-resolved refractometry, or as solid state booster to name only a few. They can easily be incorporated into larger systems such as readers, wafer testers, opticaldevices, or μJ laser systems for micromachining.

General specifications

Beam parameters
Optics focus length f' = 4.5 mm
Numerical aperture 0.55
Typical divergence (with optics) Theta parallel 0.11 mrad
Polarization typ. linear, perpendicular to the longer axis of the elliptical beam*
PER typ. > 1:10 (> 10 dB)
Side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) typ. < 0.01
Pulse repetition rate
CPDL-M (Master, internally triggered) Standard: 40, 20, 10, and 5 MHz
(On request: 80, 40, 20, and 10 MHz)
CPDL-S (Slave, externally triggered) Standard: single shot up to 40 MHz
(On request: up to 80 MHz)
Sync out (CPDL-M only)
Connector SMA, coaxial
Source impedance 50 Ohm
Amplitude < -0.8 V
Pulse width Min. > 5 ns
Max. < 10 ns
Trigger input (CPDL-S only)
Connector NIM-CAMAC
Internal impedance 50 Ohm
Trigger level 0.5 V
Pulse width Min. 5 ns
Repetition frequency Max. 40 MHz (on request: 80 MHz)
Active slope Rising edge
Recommended Trigger Signal (CPDL-S only)
Amplitude +1 V
Source impedance 50 Ohm
Pulse width > 6 ns
Slope 1 ns (10 to 90%)
Free beam 62 × 100 mm (diameter × length)
With fibre coupling 62 × 132 mm (diameter × length)
Spectral width
Wavelengths < 900 nm approx. 2 to 8 nm
Wavelengths > 900 nm approx. 10 to 20 nm
Power stability (cooled)
12 h, δT(ambient) < 3 K 1 % rms, 3 % peak to peak
Operating temperature 15 to 40 °C
Power supply
Voltage 22 to 25 VDC
Current < 1 A

Warning sign class 3b laser product

All Information given here is reliable to our best knowledge. However, no responsibility is assumed for possible inaccuracies or omissions. Specifications and external appearances are subject to change without notice.

The table below is a non exhaustive list of possible wavelengths based on data from recently manufactured laser heads. Custom tailored solutions can be realized on request. Further wavelength and other other specifications such as shorter pulse widths or higher powers might be available on request. Feel free to to contact us with your requirements.

(± 10) [nm]
(FWHM) [ps]
Standard avg. power2
High avg. power3
375 CPDL-M/S-375 < 40 0.8 4.0
395 CPDL-M/S-395 < 70 1.0 5.0
405 CPDL-M/S-405 < 50 1.0 3.0
420 CPDL-M/S-420 < 70 0.5 5.0
440 CPDL-M/S-440 < 80 0.8 4.0
450 CPDL-M/S-450 < 70 0.7 5.0
470 CPDL-M/S-470 < 70 0.8 4.0
485 CPDL-M/S-485 < 90 0.7 5.0
500 CPDL-M/S-500 < 100 0.7 5.0
510 CPDL-M/S-510 < 110 0.6 4.0
640 CPDL-M/S-640 < 90 1.0 10.0
650 CPDL-M/S-650 < 90 0.4 3.0
660 CPDL-M/S-660 < 90 0.5 5.0
685 CPDL-M/S-685 < 70 0.5 5.0
705 CPDL-M/S-705 < 70 1.0 5.0
730 CPDL-M/S-730 < 70 1.0 3.0
760 CPDL-M/S-760 < 90 0.3 3.0
785 CPDL-M/S-785 < 70 0.5 3.0
830 CPDL-M/S-830 < 70 0.15 4.0
1060 (± 20) CPDL-M/S-1060 < 90 0.7 10.0
1550 (± 30) CPDL-M/S-1550 < 50 0.01 0.5

1 Shortest pulse width at optimal intensity setting above laser threshold (standard factory setting). Pulses are deconvoluted with 30 ps detection IRF. Shorter pulse widths are available on demand.
2 Average optical power at shortest pulse width (standard factory setting) and 40 MHz repetition rate.
3 On request: maximal average optical power for high intensity setting and broad pulses (special factory setting).

Warning sign class 3b laser product


All Information given here is reliable to our best knowledge. However, no responsibility is assumed for possible inaccuracies or omissions. Specifications and external appearances are subject to change without notice.

Laser modules from the CPDL-M/S Series can be used for various applications including:

The following documents are available for download: