High-power and UV Lasers

The VisUV/VisIR lasers are a versatile and flexible laser platform based on a Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier (MOFA) concept with optional frequency conversion. The VisUV platform offers up to 3 parallel laser beams at wavelengths between 266 nm and 590 nm with output powers of up to 100 mW. The VisIR platform is ideally suited for high-power applications in the infrared at 1064 or 1530 nm or as a depletion laser for STED microscopy at 766 nm.The following table gives a rough overview about the key parameters. It should be noted that all mentioned parameters do strongly depend on the individual wavelength.

Available wavelengths [nm]266, 280, 290, 355, 532, 560, 590765, 1064, 1530
Pulse width range (FWHM) [ps]70-100070-500
Average power rangeup to 100 mWup to 1.5 W


Picosecond Lasers in UV, Green, Yellow, and Orange

  • Enhanced power values at 280 and 295 nm
  • UV wavelengths 266, 280, 295, 355 nm
  • Vis wavelengths 532, 560, 590 nm
  • Pulse width <85 ps (FWHM)
  • Repetition rate from single shot up to 80 MHz, external or internal triggering
  • Collimated output, optional fiber coupling
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VisUV Versatile Picosecond Laser Module


High Power Picosecond Laser

  • NEW: option tunable pulse duration from 0.15 to 0.5 ns for the high power versions
  • Available wavelength 765-1560 nm
  • Pulse width typically 70 ps FWHM (short pulse) or 0.5 ns FWHM (high power)
  • Average output power between > 300 mW and > 1.5 W (depending on wavelength)
  • Repetition rates from single shot up to 80 MHz, external or internal triggering
  • Collimated output
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VisIR Versatile Picosecond Laser Module