Laser Combiners and Fiber Coupling

All lasers from PicoQuant can be coupled into optical fibers, either individually or as a combination of up to five laser lines into a single fiber. Several types of delivery fibers are available, including single mode, polarization maintaining single mode and multimode ones. These fibers can be further equipped with various output connectors, collimation or even microfocus optics to best suit your application. In combination with the PDL 828 "Sepia II" driver, the Laser Combining Unit (LCU) offers an unmatched flexibility for multicolor excitation patterns.

Laser Combining Unit (LCU)

Flexible Unit for up to 5 Laser Lines

  • Wavelength 375 nm to 900 nm
  • Up to 5 laser lines
  • Polarisation maintaining singlemode output fiber
  • Flexible configurations
  • Supports laser heads of the LDH Series and LDH-FA Series
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Laser Combining Unit (LCU)

Fiber Coupling

A Coupling Solution for Any Laser

  • Available for all collimated free beam laser sources from PicoQuant (except below 350 nm)
  • Various fiber types: multi-mode, single mode and polarization maintaining single mode
  • Various input and output connectors: FC/APC, FC/PC, SMA, High Power Fiber End-caps, others on request
  • Typ. 40–60 % coupling efficiency in (polarization maintaining) single mode fibers
  • Typ. 80 % coupling efficiency in multi-mode fibers
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Fiber Coupling