Lasers for OEM Integration

PicoQuant offers OEM laser solutions using the well-established technologies of its picosecond pulsed as well as square-shaped or pulse shaping lasers. Based on these technologies, PicoQuant can provide high-quality modules with custom designs and small footprints to meet the customer’s needs for large scale manufacturing or system integration. The model list shown here is non-exhaustive and custom tailored solutions can be realized on request. Feel free to to contact us with your requirements.

CPDL-Q Series

Smart OEM solution in visible lights

  • Compact design for integration
  • Available wavelength: 405 nm, 450 nm, 488 nm, 515 nm, 638 nm
  • Pulsed and CW operation, fast CW switching
  • Pulse widths < 100 ps
  • Triggerable internally and externally, up to 200 MHz
  • Fully computer controlled
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 CPDL-Q Series Compact Diode Lasers for Integration

CPDL-S-F/FA Series

Compact Diode Lasers for OEM Integration

  • Compact design for integration
  • Wavelength: 1030, 1064, 1530, 1550 nm (other upon request)
  • Pulse width < 100 ps
  • Any repetition rate 1 kHz up to 100 MHz
  • Average power up to 50 mW (incl. fiber amplifier)
  • Flexible interface USB or RS 232
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CPDL-S-F/FA Series