DSN 102

Dual SPAD Power Supply

  • Two-channel power supply for Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD)
  • Safety shut-down to prevent SPAD degradation
  • Integrated counter
  • Acoustic monitoring and warning
  • Stand-alone version or OEM module for 19" subrack

The dual SPAD power supply DSN 102 is an accessory for the SPCM-AQR SPAD detectors of Perkin Elmer, the PDM modules from Micro Photon Devices (MPD) or the COUNT SPADs from Laser Components. The SPCM-AQRH SPADs of Excelitas Technologies are only supported if they generate a TTL output pulse with a pulse width > 20ns. The DSN 102 controls and monitors the operation of the detectors. It can control two SPAD modules at the same time, displaying the count rate of one selected module.

Automatic shut down at critical light exposure levels

The DSN 102 features an automatic protection circuitry that shuts down the supply voltage to the modules when critical exposure levels to light are reached. While this is not a critical issue for the PDM modules, it is an absolute must for the SPCM-AQR modules as indicated in the SPAD manual and also suggested for the COUNT and SPCM-AQRH modules. In such a case the DSN 102 gives an acoustic warning.

Oscilloscope or speaker output for adjustment purposes

For further diagnostics and detector adjustment there is also a BNC output for an oscilloscope or other monitoring device. The voltage at this output is proportional to the log count rate. In addition, an acoustic count rate monitor output e.g. for use with speakers or earphones is provided.

Detector Input
Pulse width > 20 ns
Pulse height > 2.3 V
Electrical Parameters
High shut-down count rate factory set:
- PDM SPADs: 8×106counts/sec
- SPCM-AQR(H) SPADs: 4×106counts/sec
- COUNT SPADs: 4×106counts/sec
Oscilloscope output max. 2 V
Acoustic output > 120 Ohms
SPAD power socket LEMO EGG 2B 305 CLL
Appropriate male connector LEMO FGG 2B 305 CLL
Input/output SPAD female SMA
Oscilloscope output female BNC
Acoustic output 3.5 mm earphone socket
Power Requirements
- Stand alone version
- OEM version:

110 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
+13.5 V, stabilized at ±5%
Power/current consumption
- Stand alone version
- OEM version:

max. 35 Watts
OEM version: max. 3 A
Stand alone version
(including rack)
237 × 310 × 133 mm (w × d × h)
OEM version
(3U/21 HP)
106 × 173 × 129 mm (w × d × h)

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