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Our instruments are used by top reserchers world wide, including recent nobel prize winners, such as W.E. Moerner and S.W. Hell. Our bibliography is a collection of papers that mention explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name. Searching or browsing through the bibliography allows to find out which laboratories use PicoQuant devices and what type of applications have been reported so far.

The bibliography contains articles mentioning explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name (e.g. MicroTime). Most of the references can be found easily by full-text searches on the internet. However, some papers cite us only indirectly, sometimes not at all. Such publications are included only if the use of a PicoQuant product is known, for example, based on communication with the author(s). There are certainly many more articles reporting results obtained using PicoQuant devices. Unfortunately, such papers are often hidden for us. Please help completing this list.
Do you miss your publication? If yes, we will be happy to include it in our bibliography. Please send an e-mail to info@picoquant.com containing the appropriate citation. Thank you very much in advance for your kind co-operation.


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Tunable emission and conductivity enhancement by tellurium doping in CdS nanowires for optoelectronic applications

Kamran M.A., Nabi G., Majid A., Iqbal M.W., Alharbi T., Zhang Y., Zou B.
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, Vol.086, p.81-87 (2017)

Reference to: TimeHarp 100/200

Pulsed single-photon spectrometer by frequency-to-time mapping using chirped fiber Bragg gratings

Davis A.O.C., Saulnier P.M., Karpiński M., Smith B.J.
Optics Express, Vol.025, p.12804-12811 (2017)

Reference to: HydraHarp 400

Luminescent siliceous materials based on sodium silicate, organic polymers and silicon analogs

Annenkov V.V., Danilovtseva E.N., Pal`shin V.A., Zelineskiy S.N., Chebykin E.P., Gak V.Y., Shendrik R.Y.
Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.185, p.65-72 (2017)

Reference to: FluoTime 200, FluoFit
Related to: TRPL

A spectroscopic study on stability of curcumin as a function of pH in silica nanoformulations, liposome and serum protein

Jain B.
Journal of Molecular Structure, Vol.1130, p.194-198 (2017)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Active 5΄ splice sites regulate the biogenesis efficiency of Arabidopsis microRNAs derived from intron-containing genes

Knop K., Stepien A., Barciszewska-Pacak M., Taube M., Bielewicz D., Michalak M., Borst J.W., Jarmolowski A., Szweykowska-Kulinska Z.
Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.45, p.2757–2775 (2017)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), LSM Upgrade Kit, SymPhoTime
Related to: FLIM, FRET

A total internal reflection-fluorescence correlation spectroscopy setup with pulsed diode laser excitation

Weger L., Hoffmann-Jacobsen K.
Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol.088, 093102 (2017)

Reference to: SPADs
Related to: FCS, Single Molecule Detection

Solvation dynamics and rotation of coumarin 153 in a new ionic liquid/molecular solvent mixture model: [BMIM][TFSI]/propylene carbonate

Smortsova Y., Miannay F.-A., Oher H., Marekha B., Dubois J., Sliwa M., Kalugin O., Idrissi A.
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol.226, p.48-55 (2017)

Reference to: FluoFit, PicoHarp 300

Influence of the substrate material on the optical properties of tungsten diselenide monolayers

Lippert S., Schneider L.M., Renaud D., Kang K.N., Ajayi O., Kuhnert J., Halbich M.-U., Abdulmunem O.M., Lin X., Hassoon K.
sD Mater, Vol.004, 025045 (2017)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

ZnSe nanocrystals obtained in pores of SiO2 matrix with temperature stable green luminescence

Masalov A.A., Seminko V.V., Kononets N.V., Maksimchuk P.O., Bespalova I.I., Voloshina L.I.
Journal of Luminescence, Vol.181, p.337-344 (2017)

Reference to: FluoTime 200
Related to: TRPL

Azadioxatriangulenium and diazaoxatriangulenium: quantum yields and fundamental photophysical properties

Bogh S.A., Simmermacher M., Westberg M., Bregnhøj M., Rosenberg M., De Vico L., Veiga M., Laursen B.W., Ogilby P.R., Sauer S.P.A., Sørensen T.J.
ACS Omega, Vol.002, p.193-203 (2017)

Reference to: FluoTime 300, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), PMA Series

Photon counting phosphorescence lifetime imaging with TimepixCam

Hirvonen L.M., Fisher-Levine M., Suhling K., Nomerotski A.
Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol.088, 013104 (2017)

Reference to: SPADs

review:Wide-field TCSPC: methods and applications

Hirvonen L.M., Suhling K.
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol.028, 012003 (2017)

Reference to: SPADs
Related to: FLIM, FRET

Imaging specific newly synthesized proteins within cells by fluorescence resonance energy transfer

Shen L., Cai L., Liu J., Zhang S., Xu J.-J., Zhang X., Chen H.-Y.
Chemical Science, Vol.008, p.748-754 (2017)

Reference to: LSM Upgrade Kit
Related to: FLIM, FRET

Silver-coated nanoporous gold skeletons for fluorescence amplification

Lee M.-J., Yang W.-G., Kim J.H., Hwang K., Chae W.-S.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Vol.237, p.60-64 (2017)

Reference to: MicroTime 200, SymPhoTime
Related to: FLIM

Photo-stability and photo-sensitizing characterization of selected sunscreens’ ingredients

Abid A.R., Marciniak B., Pędziński T., Shahida M.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Vol.332, p.241-250 (2017)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Photophysicochemical behaviour of metallophthalocyanines when doped onto silica nanoparticles

Oluwole D.O., Nyokong T.
Dyes and Pigments, Vol.136, 262-272 (2017)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Enhanced one- and two-photon excited fluorescence of cationic (phenothiazinyl)vinyl-pyridinium chromophore attached to polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanorods

Craciun A.M., Focsan M., Gaina L., Astilean S.
Dyes and Pigments, Vol.136, p.24-30 (2017)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), PicoHarp 300

Synthesis, structural, spectroscopic, computational and cytotoxic studies of BODIPY dyes

Laine M., Barbosa N.A., Kochel A., Osiecka B., Szewczyk G., Sarna T., Ziółkowski P., Wieczorek R., Filarowski A.
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol.238, p.548-555 (2017)

Reference to: NanoHarp 250
Related to: Singlet oxygen

Molecular characteristics of a fluorescent chemosensor for the recognition of ferric ion based on photoresponsive azobenzene derivative

Chi Z., Ran X., Shi L., Lou J., Kuang Y., Guo L.
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Vol.171, p.25-30 (2017)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Single-molecule studies in live cells

Yu J.
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, Vol.067, p.565-585 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: FRET, Single Molecule Detection

Biophysical insights from temperature-dependent single-molecule Förster Resonance Energy Transfer

Holmstrom E.D., Nesbitt D.J.
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, Vol.067, p.441-465 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: FRET, Single Molecule Detection

Features of partial encapsulation of an ESIPT probe 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid (3HNA) in the nano cavities of β- and γ-cyclodextrin: comparative study with sequestered 3HNA in micelles and reverse micelle

Samanta S., Samanta S.K., Sanyal S., Mukherjee M., Sardar P.S., Ghosh S.
RSC Advances, Vol.006, p.110610-110621 (2016)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), PLS Series

Fluorescence lifetime-based sensing of polymersome leakage

Wang S., Chen Z.-R.
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, Vol.016, p.155-158 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200, PicoHarp 300

An integrated diamond nanophotonics platform for quantum-optical networks

Sipahigil A., Evans R.E., Sukachev D.D., Burek M.J., Borregaard J., Bhaskar M.K., Nguyen C.T., Pacheco J.L., Atikian H.A., Meuwly C., Camacho R.M., Jelezko F., Bielejec E., Park H., Lončar M., Lukin M.D.
Science, Vol.018, p.847-850 (2016)

Reference to: HydraHarp 400, SPADs
Related to: Antibunching

Calcium-mediated actin reset (CaAR) mediates acute cell adaptations

Wales P., Schuberth C.E., Aufschnaiter R., Fels J., García-Aguilar I., Janning A., Dlugos C.P., Schäfer-Herte M., Klingner C., Wälte M., Kuhlmann J., Menis E., Kang L.H., Maier K.C., Hou W., Russo A., Higgs H.N., Pavenstädt H., Vogl T., Roth J., Qualmann B., Kessels M.M., Martin D.E., Mulder B., Wedlich-Söldner R.
eLife, Vol.005, e19850 (2016)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)