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Our instruments are used by top reserchers world wide, including recent nobel prize winners, such as W.E. Moerner and S.W. Hell. Our bibliography is a collection of papers that mention explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name. Searching or browsing through the bibliography allows to find out which laboratories use PicoQuant devices and what type of applications have been reported so far.

The bibliography contains articles mentioning explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name (e.g. MicroTime). Most of the references can be found easily by full-text searches on the internet. However, some papers cite us only indirectly, sometimes not at all. Such publications are included only if the use of a PicoQuant product is known, for example, based on communication with the author(s). There are certainly many more articles reporting results obtained using PicoQuant devices. Unfortunately, such papers are often hidden for us. Please help completing this list.
Do you miss your publication? If yes, we will be happy to include it in our bibliography. Please send an e-mail to info@picoquant.com containing the appropriate citation. Thank you very much in advance for your kind co-operation.


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Coupling of nitrogen-vacancy centers in a nanodiamond to a silver nanocube

Andersen S.K.H., Kumar S., Bozhevolnyi S.I.
Optical Materials Express Vol.006, p.3394-3406 (2016)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, SPADs
Related to: Antibunching

Deep Sea Laser Raman – past, present and future developments for in situ chemical analysis and applications

Kirkwood W.J.
Offshore Technology Conference Asia (2016)

Reference to: VisUV

Characterization of SPAD array for multifocal high-content screening applications

Tsikouras A., Peronio P., Rech I.,, Hirmiz N., Deen M.J., Famg Q.
Photonics, Vol.003, p.56 (2016)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), SPADs, PMA Series
Related to: FRET

Study of time-resolved characteristics of nitrogen-vacancy centres in nanodiamond for biosensoric applications

Adelt M., Petráková V., Pánek D., Papežová I.
Instruments & Methods for Biology Medicine, Student Conference (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: FLIM

Autofluorescent nanoparticles for the detection of malaria-infection indicator

Ma X., Chen J., Lei Y, Dey S., Zhao J
IEEE Xplore conference paper, Sensors (2016)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, Solea

Cascaded plasmon-plasmon coupling mediated energy transfer across stratified metal-dielectric nanostructures

Golmakaniyoon S., Hernandez-Martinez P.L., Demir H.V., Sun X.W.
Scientific Reports, Vol.006, 34086 (2016)

Reference to: FluoFit

Uncovering single-molecule photophysical heterogeneity of bright, thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitters dispersed in glassy hosts

Noriega R., Barnard E.S., Ursprung B., Cotts B.L., Penwell S.B., Schucks P.J., Ginsberg N.S.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.138, p.13551-13560 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 100
Related to: Single Molecule Detection

Binding of Vinculin to Lipid Membranes in Its Inhibited and Activated States

Dwivedi M., Winter R.
Biophysical Journal, Vol.111, p.1444-1453 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

Intracellular fate of polymer therapeutics investigated by fluorescence lifetime imaging and fluorescence pattern analysis.

Panek J., Koziolova E., Stepanek P., Etrych T., Janouskova O.
Physiological Research, Vol.065, p.217-224 (2016)

Reference to: LSM Upgrade Kit
Related to: FLIM

A comparative study of the photophysics of phenyl, thienyl, and chalcogen substituted rhodamine dyes

Sabatini R.P., Mark M. F., Mark D.J., Kryman M.W., Hill J.E., Brennessel W.W., Detty M.R., Eisenberg R., McCamant D.W.
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, Vol.015, p.1417-1432 (2016)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, SymPhoTime

Mechanistic determinants of MBNL activity

Sznajder L.J., Michalak M., Taylor K., Cywoniuk P., Kabza M., Wojtkowiak-Szlachcic A., Matloka M., Konieczny P., Sobczak K.
Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.044, p.10326-10342 (2016)

Reference to: LSM Upgrade Kit
Related to: FLIM, FRET

Structure and dynamics of polyelectrolyte surfactant mixtures under conditions of surfactant excess

Hoffmann I., Simon M., Farago B., Schweins R., Falus P., Holderer O., Gradzielski M.
The Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol.145, 124901 (2016)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, LSM Upgrade Kit
Related to: FCS

Intramolecular triplet–triplet annihilation upconversion in 9,10-diphenylanthracene oligomers and dendrimers

Dzebo D., Börjesson K., Gray V., Moth-Poulsen K., Albinsson B.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol.120, p.23397-23406 (2016)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Regulating carrier dynamics in single crystal halide perovskite via interface engineering and optical doping

Chen Z., Wang Y., Shi Y., Hsu B., Yang Z., Shi J.
Advanced Electronic Materials, Vol.002, 1600248 (2016)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)
Related to: TRPL, Anisotropy

Investigating the DNA-binding interactions of small organic molecules utilizing ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy

Doan P.
Dissertation University of Michigan (2016)

Reference to: TimeHarp 100/200, LSM Upgrade Kit
Related to: FLIM

Infrared and fluorescence assessment of the hydration status of the tryptophan gate in the influenza A M2 proton channel

Markiewicz B.N., Lemmin T., Zhang W., Ahmed I.A., Jo H., Fiorin G., Troxler T., DeGrado W.F., Gai F.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol.018, p.28939-28950 (2016)

Reference to: FluoFit

Graphene oxide dot-based microstructures via dispersion and support of bovine serum albumin

Chang H.-Y., Lin C.-Y., Chang C.-Y., Teng H., Campagnola P.J., Chen S.-J.
Optical Materials Express Vol.006, p.3193-3201 (2016)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Indirect to direct bandgap transition in methylammonium lead halide perovskite

Wang T., Daiber B., Frost J.M., Mann S.A., Garnett E.C., Walsh A., Ehrler B.
Energy & Environmental Science, Vol.010, p.509-515 (2017)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), HydraHarp 400
Related to: TRPL

Tuning exciton delocalization in organic crystalline thin films

Hua K.-N., Manning L., Rawat N., Ainsworth V.S., Liang L., Furis M.
Proceedings of SPIE, Light Manipulating Organic Materials and Devices III, 993907 (2016)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Control of spontanous emission from quantum emitters using hyperbolic metamaterial substrates

Galfsky T.
Dissertation City University of New York (2016)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, SymPhoTime

Colloidal quantum dots InP@ZnS: inhomogeneous broadening and distribution of luminescence lifetimes

Brichkin S.B., Spirin M.G., Tovstun S.A., Gak V.Y., Mart'yanova E.G., Razumov V.F.
High Energy Chemistry, Vol.050, p.395-399 (2016)

Reference to: FluoTime 200
Related to: Single Molecule Detection

Improving analytical methods for protein-protein interaction through implementation of chemically inducible dimerization

Andersen T.G., Nintemann S.J., Marek M., Halkier B.A., Schulz A., Burow M.
Scientific Reports, Vol.006, 27766 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200, LSM Upgrade Kit, SymPhoTime
Related to: FLIM, FRET

Influence of plasmonic array geometry on energy transfer from a quantum well to a quantum dot layer

Higgins L.J., Morocico C.A., Karanikolas V.D., Bell A.P., Gough J.J., Murphy G.P., Parbrook P.J., Bradley A.L.
Nanoscale, Vol.008, p.18170-18179 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: FRET, TRPL

Temperature-dependent luminescent decay properties of CdTe quantum dot monolayers: impact of concentration on carrier trapping

Murphy G.P., Zhang X., Bradley A.L.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol.120, p. 26490–26497 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: FLIM, TRPL

Quantum dot based superstructures: PL decay analysis

Volgina D.A., Baranov A.V., Ushakova E.V.
Journal of Physics: conference series, Vol.741, 012021 (2016)

Reference to: MicroTime 100
Related to: TRPL