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Our instruments are used by top reserchers world wide, including recent nobel prize winners, such as W.E. Moerner and S.W. Hell. Our bibliography is a collection of papers that mention explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name. Searching or browsing through the bibliography allows to find out which laboratories use PicoQuant devices and what type of applications have been reported so far.

The bibliography contains articles mentioning explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name (e.g. MicroTime). Most of the references can be found easily by full-text searches on the internet. However, some papers cite us only indirectly, sometimes not at all. Such publications are included only if the use of a PicoQuant product is known, for example, based on communication with the author(s). There are certainly many more articles reporting results obtained using PicoQuant devices. Unfortunately, such papers are often hidden for us. Please help completing this list.
Do you miss your publication? If yes, we will be happy to include it in our bibliography. Please send an e-mail to info@picoquant.com containing the appropriate citation. Thank you very much in advance for your kind co-operation.


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Acetic acid assisted crystallization strategy for high efficiency and long‐term stable perovskite solar cell

Li Y., Shi J., Zheng J., Bing J., Yuan J., Cho Y., Tang S., Zhang M., Yao Y., Lau C.F.J., Lee D.S., Liao C., Green M.A., Huang S., Ma W., Ho-Baillie A.W.Y.
Advanced Science, Vol.007, 1903368 (2020)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: TRPL

Triplet shelving in fluorescein and its derivatives provides delayed, background-free fluorescence detection

Demissie A.A., Dickson R.M.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Vol.124, p.1437-1443 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Synthesis of transparent Zr-doped ZnFe2O4 nanocorals photoanode and its surface modification via Al2O3/Co–Pi for efficient solar water splitting

Kim S., Mahadik M.A., Chae W.-S., Ryu J., Choi S.H., Jang J.S.
Applied Surface Science, Vol.513, 145528 (2020)

Reference to: MicroTime 200
Related to: TRPL

Investigation of spontaneous emission dynamics of dye molecules coupled into transverse Anderson localized cavities in a hyperbolic waveguide

Gökbulut B., Inci M.N.
Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications, Vol.039, 100769 (2020)

Reference to: TimeHarp 100/200, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Stretchable and broadband cavity-free lasers based on all 2D metamaterials

Fang Y.-F., Hu H.-W., Wu M.-J., Lin T.-Y., Shen J.-L., Chen Y.-F.
Advanced Optical Materials, Vol.008, 1901326 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Versatile direct-writing of dopants in a solid state host through recoil implantation

Fröch J.E., Bahm A., Kianinia M., Mu Z., Bhatia V., Kim S., Cairney J.M., Gao W., Bradac C., Aharonovich I., Toth M.
Nature Communications, Vol.011, 5039 (2020)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Approach for Pseudo-random bit-stream multi-depth imaging

Shen S., Chen Q., He W., Gu G.
Optical and Quantum Electronics, Vol.052, 76 (2020)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, SPADs

Effect of phase transition on SiO2-coated CsPbBr3/Cs4PbBr6 quantum dots: Air-stability and quantum efficiency improvement

Lin Y.-T., Hsieh C.-H., Chu S.-Y.
Ceramics International, Vol.046, p.11563-11569 (2020)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300
Related to: TRPL

Anti-solvent free fabrication of FA-Based perovskite at low temperature towards to high performance flexible perovskite solar cells

Deng W., Li F., Li J., Wang M., Hu Y., Liu M.
Nano Energy, Vol.070, 104505 (2020)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Dynamics of the nucleosomal histone H3 N-terminal tail revealed by high precision single-molecule FRET

Lehmann K., Felekyan S., Kühnemuth R., Dimura M., Tóth K., Seidel C.A.M., Langowski J.,
Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.048, p.1551-1571 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), HydraHarp 400, SPADs
Related to: Pulsed Interleaved Excitation (PIE), FRET

Rationalizing the plasmonic contributions to the enhancement of singlet oxygen production

Macia N., Kabanov V., Heyne B.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol.124, p.3768-3777 (2020)

Reference to: TimeHarp 260

Preparation of highly emissive and reproducible Cu-In-S/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with a mid-gap emission character

Jawhar N.N., Soheyli E., Yazici A.F., Mutlugun E., Sahraei R.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Vol.824, 153906 (2020)

Reference to: FluoTime 200, FluoFit

Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles with tunable cavity for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic H2 evolution

Yue X., Hou J., Zhao H., Wu P., Guo Y. Shi Q., Chen L., Peng S., Liu Z., Cao G.
Journal of Energy Chemistry, Vol.049, p.1-7 (2020)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Optical changes in THP-1 macrophage metabolism in response to pro- and anti-inflammatory stimuli reported by label-free two-photon imaging

Smokelin I.S., Mizzoni C., Enndt-Marino J., Kaplan D., Georgakoudi I.
Journal of Biomedical Optics, Vol.025, 014512 (2020)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

The effect of protonation on the excited state dynamics of pyrimidine chromophores

Kournoutas F., Kalis I.K., Fecková M., Achelle S., Fakis M.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Vol.391, 112398 (2020)

Reference to: FluoTime 200

Transient rotamerism and photoisomerization dynamics of trans- and cis-Naphthylstilbene

Quick M.T., Quick M., Ioffe I.N., Richter C., Mehrwald R., Druzhinin S., Kovalenko S.A.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.124, p.1049-1064 (2020)

Reference to: MicroTime 200, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Femtosecond fluorescence spectra of NADH in solution: ultrafast solvation dynamics

Cao S., Li H., Liu Y., Zhang M., Wang M., Zhou Z., Chen J., Zhang S., Xu J., Knutson J.R.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.124, p.771-776 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), PicoHarp 300, PMA Series
Related to: FLIM

Precise control of PbI2 excess into grain boundary for efficacious charge extraction in off-stoichiometric perovskite solar cells

Yang J.-a., Xiao A., Xie L., Liao K., Deng X., Li C., Wang A., Xiang Y., Li T., Hao F.
Electrochimica Acta, Vol.338, 135697 (2020)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

TR-DLS analysis on analog circuit

Lua W., Phoa A. Ranganathan G., A.S.G., Ravikumar V.K., Tan A.
Microelectronics Reliability, Vol.106, 113584 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Surface passivation of zero-mode waveguide nanostructures: benchmarking protocols and fluorescent labels

Patra S., Baibakov M., Claude J.-B., Wenger J.
Scientific Reports, Vol.010, 5235 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), HydraHarp 400

Novel two-dimensional phosphor thermography by decay-time method using a low frame-rate CMOS camera

Ali A., Chepyga L.M., Khanzada L.S., Osvet A., Brabec C.J., Batentschuk M.
Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Vol.128, 106010 (2020)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Solar-driven CO2 conversion over Co2+ doped 0D/2D TiO2/g-C3N4 heterostructure: Insights into the role of Co2+ and cocatalyst

Shi H., Du J., Hou J., Ni W., Song C., Li K., Gurzadyan G.G., Guo X.
Journal of CO2 Utilization, Vol.038, p.16-23 (2020)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Light-induced nanosecond relaxation dynamics of Rhenium-labeled Pseudomonas aeruginosa Azurins

Pospíšil P., Sýkora J., Takematsu K., Hof M., Gray H.B., Vlček A.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol.124, p.788-797 (2020)

Reference to: FluoFit

Quantification of joint blood flow by dynamic contrast-enhanced nearinfrared spectroscopy: application to monitoring disease activity in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis

Ioussoufovitch S., Morrison L., Desjardins L., Hadway J., St Lawrence K., Lee T.-Y., Beier F. Diop M.
Journal of Biomedical Optics, Vol.025, p.1-10 (2020)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), HydraHarp 400