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Our instruments are used by top reserchers world wide, including recent nobel prize winners, such as W.E. Moerner and S.W. Hell. Our bibliography is a collection of papers that mention explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name. Searching or browsing through the bibliography allows to find out which laboratories use PicoQuant devices and what type of applications have been reported so far.

The bibliography contains articles mentioning explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name (e.g. MicroTime). Most of the references can be found easily by full-text searches on the internet. However, some papers cite us only indirectly, sometimes not at all. Such publications are included only if the use of a PicoQuant product is known, for example, based on communication with the author(s). There are certainly many more articles reporting results obtained using PicoQuant devices. Unfortunately, such papers are often hidden for us. Please help completing this list.
Do you miss your publication? If yes, we will be happy to include it in our bibliography. Please send an e-mail to info@picoquant.com containing the appropriate citation. Thank you very much in advance for your kind co-operation.


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Room-temperature single photon emitters in cubic boron nitride nanocrystals

López-Morales G.I., Almanakly A., Satapathy S., Proscia N.V., Jayakumar H., Khabashesku V.N., Ajayan P.M., Meriles C.A., Menon V.M.
Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics (2019)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Electrical and chemical tuning of exciton lifetime in monolayer MoS2 for field-effect transistors

Pradeepa H L, Mondal P., Bid A., Basu J.K.
AS Applied Nano Materials, Vol.xxx, p.xxxx-xxxx (2019)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

Surface passivation of zinc ferrite nanorod photoanodes by spray-deposited silicon oxide layer for enhanced solar water splitting

Ma H., Mahadik M., Kim S.R., Wang M., Ryu H.I., Chung H.S., Chae W.S., Park H., Jang J.S.
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, in press (2019)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

The in vivo mechanics of the magnetotactic backbone as revealed by correlative FLIM-FRET and STED microscopy

Günther E., Klauß A., Toro-Nahuelpan M., Schüler D., Hille C., Faivre D.
Scientific Reports, Vol.009, 19615 (2019)

Reference to: MicroTime 200, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), PicoHarp 300, SymPhoTime
Related to: FLIM, STED, FRET

Ocular half-life of intravitreal biologics in humans and other species: meta-analysis and model-based prediction

Caruso A., Futh M., Alvarez-Sanchez R., Belli S., Diack C., Maass K.F., Schwab D., Kettenberger H., Mazer N.A.
molecular pharmaceutics, just accepted manuscript (2019)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Structure engineered two-dimensional layered BiOI surfaces as a "dip photovatalyst" for photocatalytic reaction

Prasad M.D., Ghanashyan Krishna M., Batabyal S.K.
Crystal Growth & Design (2019)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

Plasma-treatment induced H2O dissociation for the enhancement of photocatalytic CO2 reduction to CH4 over graphitic carbon nitride

Jiang K., Zhu L., Wang Z., Liu K., Li H., Hu J., Pan H., Fu J., Zhang N., Qiu X., Liu M.
Applied Surface Science, in press (2019)

Reference to: TimeHarp 100/200

Resolving photon numbers using a superconducting tapered nanowire detector

Zhu D., Colangelo M., Chen C., Korzh B.A., Wong F.N.C., Shaw M.D., Berggren K.K.
physics.ins-det (2019)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Revisiting the role of graphene quantum dots in ternary organic solar cells: insights into the nanostructure reconstruction and effective Fröster Resonance Energy Transfer

Sung S.J., Kim J.H., Gihm S.H., Park J., Cho Y.S., Yang S.J., Park C.R.
ACS Applied Energy Materials, article ASAP (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300
Related to: FRET

The bright X-ray stimulated luminescence of HfO2 nanocrystals activated by Ti ions

Villa I., Moretti F.,Fasoli M., Rossi A., Hattendorf B., Dujardin C., Niederberger M., Vedda A., Lauria A.
Advanced Optical Materials, early view (2019)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Green emitter and thermally stable layered tetraethyl ammonium lead bromoiodide perovskite

Aamir M., Butt A.F., Khan M.D., Sher M., Iqbal A., Malik M.A., Jabeen U., Akhtar J.
Optik, in press (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

A carbon-dot sensing probe for screening of date rape drugs: nitro-containing Benzodiazepines

Yen Y.-T., Lin Y.-S., Chen T.-H., Chyueh S.-C., Chang H.-T.
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, in press (2019)

Reference to: TimeHarp 100/200

Spectral properties of highly emissive derivative of Coumarin with N,N-Diethylamino, Nitrile and Tiophenecarbonyl moieties in water-Methanol mixture

Kolbus A., Danel A., Grabka D., Kucharek M., Szary K.
Journal of Fluorescence, Vol.XXX, p.1-7 (2019)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300
Related to: FLIM, FCS

Interfacial modification and defect passivation by the cross-linking interlayer for efficient and stable CuSCN-based perovskite solar cells

Kim J., Lee Y., Yun A.J., Gil B., Park B.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, article ASAP (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Coherent control for qubit state readout

Roman C., Ransford A., Ip M., Campbell W.C.
Preprint (2019)

Reference to: TimeHarp 260

Highly efficient and stable InP/ZnSe/ZnS quantum dot light-emitting diodes

Won Y.-H., Cho O., Kim Ta., Chung D.-Y., Kim T., Chung H., Jang H., Lee J., Kim D., Jang E.
Nature, Vol.575, p.634-638 (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300, TimeHarp 260, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), PMA Series

Fluorescence profile of chicken meat contaminated with E. coli

Courrol L.C., Vallim M.A.,
IEEE 2019 SBFoton International Optics and Photonics Conference (SBFoton IOPC) (2019)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Colloidal CdSe quantum wells with graded shell composition for low-threshold amplified spontaneous emission and highly efficient electroluminescence

Kelestemur Y., Shynkarenko Y., Anni M., Yakunin S., De Giorgi M.L., Kovalenko M.V.
ACS Nano, article ASAP (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

A fast, infrared-active optical transistor based on dye-sensitized CdSe nanocrystals

Kumar K., Liu Q., Hiller J., Schedel C., Maier A., Meixner A.J., Braun K., Lauth J., Scheele M.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, just accepted manuscript (2019)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Uptake and excretion dynamics of gold nanoparticles in cancer cells and fibroblasts

Ivosev V., Jimenez-Sanchez G., Porcel E., Yang X., González Vargas C.R., Haidar D.A., Bazzi R., Stefancikova L., Roux S., Lacombe S.
Nanotechnology, accepted manuscript (2019)

Reference to: SymPhoTime

High photovoltage inverted planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells with all-inorganic selective contact layers

Liu X., Jiang J., Wang F., Xiao Y., Sharp I.D., Li Y.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol.011, p.46894-46901 (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

High signal-to-noise ratio and depth penetration in time-domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy combining large area detector and high throughput electronics

Dalla Mora A., Di Sieno L., Behera A., Rohilla S., Ferocino E., Contini D., Krämer B., Koberling F., Rorricelli A., Pfifferi A.

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Synthesis, characterization and photodynamic activity of Sn(iv) triarylcorroles with red-shifted Q bands

Babu B., Prinsloo E., Mack J., Nyokong T.
New Journal of Chemistry, Vol.043, p.18805-18812 (2019)

Reference to: FluoTime 300, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Independent tubulin binding and polymerization by the proline-rich region of tau is regulated by tau’s N-terminal domain

McKibben K.M., Rhoades E.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, in press (2019)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

Interbase FRET in RNA: from A to Z

Füchtbauer A.F., Wranne M.S., Bood M., Weis E., Pfeiffer P., Nilsson J.R., Dahlén A., Grøtli M., Wilhelmsson L.M.
Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.047, p.9990-9997 (2019)

Reference to: FluoFit
Related to: FRET