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Our instruments are used by top reserchers world wide, including recent nobel prize winners, such as W.E. Moerner and S.W. Hell. Our bibliography is a collection of papers that mention explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name. Searching or browsing through the bibliography allows to find out which laboratories use PicoQuant devices and what type of applications have been reported so far.

The bibliography contains articles mentioning explicitly PicoQuant or at least one of our product's name (e.g. MicroTime). Most of the references can be found easily by full-text searches on the internet. However, some papers cite us only indirectly, sometimes not at all. Such publications are included only if the use of a PicoQuant product is known, for example, based on communication with the author(s). There are certainly many more articles reporting results obtained using PicoQuant devices. Unfortunately, such papers are often hidden for us. Please help completing this list.
Do you miss your publication? If yes, we will be happy to include it in our bibliography. Please send an e-mail to info@picoquant.com containing the appropriate citation. Thank you very much in advance for your kind co-operation.


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Enhanced interlayer neutral excitons and trions in trilayer van der Waals heterostructures

Choi C., Huang J., Cheng H.-C., Kim H., Vinod A.K., Bae S.-H., Özçelik V.O., Graddi R., Chae J., Huang S.-W., Duan X., Kaasbjerg K., Low T., Wong C.W.
npj 2D Materials and Applications, Vol.002, 30 (2018)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300
Related to: TRPL

Astroglia withdraw from potentiated synapses boosting inter-synaptic cross-talk

Henneberger C., Bard L., Panatier A., Reynolds J.P., Medvedev N.I., Minge D., Herde M.K., Anders S., Kraev I., Zheng K., Jensen T., Sanchez-Romero I., Janovjak H., Ottersen O.-P., Nagelhus E.-A., Oliet S.H.R., Stewart M.G., Nägerl U.V., Rusakov D.A.
bioRxiv, preprint (2018)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Effects of the carboxylic acid substituents on the photophysical and nonlinear optical properties of asymmetrical Zn(II) phthalocyanines–quantum dots conjugates

Mgidlana S., Oluwole D.O., Nyokong T.
Inorganic and Nano-Metal Chemistry, Vol.048, p.296-307 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Interlayer valley excitons in two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures

Rivera P.
Dissertation University of Washington (2018)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300, SPADs

Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) as a tool to investigate Hypoxia-induced protein-protein interaction in living cells

Schützhold V., Fandrey J., Prost-Fingerle K.
Hypoxia, Vol.1742 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology, p.45-53 (2018)

Reference to: SymPhoTime
Related to: FLIM

Solution-processed, silver-doped NiOx as hole transporting layer for high-efficiency inverted perovskite solar cells

Zheng J., Hu L., Yun J.S., Zhang M., Lau C.F.J., Bing J., Deng X., Ma Q., Cho Y., Fu W., Chen C., Green M.A., Huang S.
ACS Applied Energy Materials, Vol.001, p.561-570 (2018)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

High-performance CsPbX3 perovskite quantum-dot light-emitting devices via solid-state ligand exchange

Suh Y.-H., Kim T., Choi J.W., Lee C.-L., Park J.
ACS Applied Nano Materials, Vol.001, p.488-496 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 300, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), FluoFit

Time-resolved diffuse optical tomography system using an accelerated inverse problem solver

Alayed M., Naser M.A., Aden-Ali I., Deen M.J.
Optics Express, Vol.026, p.963-979 (2018)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

Quantum frequency conversion to telecom of single photons from a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond

Dréau A., Tchebotareva A., El Mahdaoui A., Bonato C., Hanson R.
Physical Review Applied, Vol.009, 064031 (2018)

Reference to: HydraHarp 400

Nanoscale heterogeneities drive enhanced binding and anomalous diffusion of nanoparticles in model biomembranes

Chelladurai R., Debnath K., Jana N.R., Basu J.K.
Langmuir, Vol.030, p.1691-1699 (2018)

Reference to: SymPhoTime

Plasmon enhanced emisstion of perovskite quantum dot films

Dadi S., Altintas Y., Beskazak E., Mutlugun E.
MRS Advances Materials Reserch Society, Vol.003, p.733-739 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 200

Multiharmonic Frequency-Chirped Transducers for Surface-Acoustic-Wave Optomechanics

Weiß M., Hörner A.L., Zallo E., Atkinson P., Rastelli A., Schmidt O.G., Wixforth A., Krenner H.J.
Physical Review Applied, Vol.009, 014004 (2018)

Reference to: PicoHarp 300

The effect of thermal evaporated MoO3 intermediate layer as primary back contact for kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells

Park J., Huang J., Sun K., Ouyang Z., Liu F., Yan C., Sun H., Pu A., Green M., Hao X.
Thin Solid Films, Vol.648, p.39-45 (2018)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

An efficient fluorescent single-particle position tracking system for long-term pulsed measurements of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

Kim K., Yun J., Lee D., Kim D.
AIP Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol.089, 023702 (2018)

Reference to: TimeHarp 260

Retention of CdS/ZnS quantum dots (QDs) on the root epidermis of woody plant and its implications by Benzo[a]pyrene: evidence from the in situ synchronous nanosecond time-resolved fluorescence spectra

Li R., Sun H., Wang S., Wang Y., Yu K.
Journal Agricultural Food Chemical, Vol.066, p.814-821 (2018)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)
Related to: FLIM

Selective detection of 2,4,6‐Trinitrophenol based on in situ‐generated fluorescent Zn2+–Anthracene ensembles in 80% aqueous Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Pandith A., Kim H.-S.
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, Vol.039, p.14-23 (2018)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

FRET enabled light harvesting within quantum dot loaded nanofibers

Altıntas Y., Kiremitler N.B., Genç S., Onses M.S., Mutlugün E.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol.051 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 200
Related to: FRET

Ultrafast carrier dynamics in GaN/InGaN multiple quantum wells nanorods

Chen W., Wen X., Latzel M., Yang J., Huang S., Shrestha S., Patterson R., Christiansen S., Conibeer G.
Proceedings of SPIE, Nanophotonics Australasia 2017, 104565T (2018)

Reference to: MicroTime 200

Effect of an anionic surfactant (SDS) on the photoluminescence of graphene oxide (GO) in acidic and alkaline medium

Saha P., Pyne D.K., Ghosh S., Banerjee S., Das S., Ghosh S., Dutta P., Halder A.
RSC Advances, Vol.008, p.584-595 (2018)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

Study of optical and magnetic properties of graphene wrapped ZnO nanoparticle hybrids

Jana A., Scheer E.
Langumuir, Vol.034, p.1497-1505 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 300

Real-time inter-frame histogram bulder for SPAD image sensors

Vornicu I., Carmona-Galán R., Rodriguez-Vázquez A.
IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol.0158, p.1576-1584 (2018)

Reference to: SPADs

A reusable P, N-doped carbon quantum dot fluorescent sensor for cobalt ion

Liao S., Zhu F. Zhao X., Yang H., Chen X.
Sensors and Actuators B Chemical, Vol.260, p.156-164 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 100

Engineering asymmetric lipid vesicles: accurate and convenient control of the outer leaflet lipid composition

Markones M., Drechsler C., Kaiser M., Klie L., Heerklotz H., Fiedler S.
Langmuir, Vol.034, p.1999-2005 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 100, FluoFit

Molecular design and luminescence of boron difluoride benzoylacetonates

Fedorenko E.V., Mirochnik A.G., Beloliptsev A.Y.
Journal of Luminescence, Vol.196, p.316-325 (2018)

Reference to: FluoTime 200, Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series)

A 256 × 256, 100-kfps, 61% Fill-Factor SPAD Image Sensor for Time-Resolved Microscopy Applications

Gyongy I., Calder N., Davies A., Dutton N.A.W., Duncan R.R., Rickman C., Dalgarno P., Henderson R.K.
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices , Vol.065, p.547-554 (2018)

Reference to: Pulsed Diode Lasers (PDL Series, LDH-Series, LDH-FA Series), SPADs