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August 3, 2021

PicoQuant and Seven Solutions jointly release white paper on synchronizing TCSPC units in a White Rabbit timing network

Free paper demonstrates impact of synchronization on time accuracy of MultiHarp devices connected by switches

Free White paper on synchronizing MultiHarp devices via low jitter White Rabbit switchesIn a recent paper, researchers from PicoQuant have demonstrated that synchronizing Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) devices in a White Rabbit timing network has only a negligible effect on their time accuracy. Multiple devices from PicoQuant’s MultiHarp product line were connected using Low Jitter White Rabbit switches from Seven Solutions the leading manufacturer of White Rabbit components. The authors have investigated how various network topologies, optical fiber lengths, and presence of Ethernet traffic affects the time accuracy of connected MultiHarp 150 and MultiHarp 160 devices.

Download the free white paper from PicoQuant’s or Seven Solutions’ website to learn more about the flawless interoperability of the MultiHarp devices with the switches from Seven Solutions,. The experiments described in the paper demonstrated that - when using White Rabbit - the excellent timing performance of the MultiHarp can be maintained for reasonably sized networks and a timing jitter of less than 45 ps rms can be expected for such cases. Furthermore, the authors showed that the impact of fiber length differences of up to 5 km or simultaneous Ethernet data transmission was negligible.

White Rabbit technology is an open source project aimed at realizing an Ethernet-based network permitting simultaneous sub-nanosecond synchronization over long distances. White Rabbit is a powerful technology that allows synchronizing large numbers of detection channels over long distances without having to sacrifice any of the aforementioned channels for this purpose, which makes it highly valuable for a range of emerging applications such as e.g., quantum communication.

Download white paper: TCSPC Multi-Device Synchronization using MultiHarp and White Rabbit

Product pages: MultiHarp 150, MultiHarp 160

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