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February 25, 2020

More power and more diodes with PicoQuant’s updated laser driver Taiko PDL M1

A free firmware update enables operating existing and new laser heads at highest possible pulse energy

The new max. power mode of the Taiko allows operating all existing and new diode laser heads at their maximum possible pulse energy, while still providing the usual calibrated optical power display at any repetition rate from 1 Hz to 100 MHz.PicoQuant expands the capabilities of the high-end picosecond diode laser driver Taiko PDL M1. The new Max Power Mode of operation allows running existing and new laser heads with increased power. Taiko’s smart and flexible power control and monitoring enables outputting pulses with an almost perfectly constant and calibrated set of parameters (pulse energy and pulse shape) at any repetition rate. With the new Max Power Mode, the driver can operate each laser diode at the maximum pulse energy possible for any repetition rate setting.

The range of available laser heads for the Taiko PDL M1 is now even broader, including modules emitting at 530, 560, and 595 nm, as well as a new generation of high powered multimode diodes covering the whole visible to near infrared range. These diodes provides access to average optical output powers up to 150 mW in pulsed mode or up to 200 mW in continuous mode.

Thanks to the new Max Power Mode and extended laser diode head range, the Taiko PDL M1 is the laser driver of choice for many applications, including power demanding ones. Even when operated in Max Power Mode, the driver is fully calibrated and enables the usual display of optical power in mW values for any repetition rate from 1 Hz to 100 MHz.

The Max Power Mode is available now as a free firmware update that can be easily installed by the end user. Existing laser heads may require a new calibration by PicoQuant.

Product website: Taiko PDL M1



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