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April 13, 2018

Girls’ Day 2018 at PicoQuant

Fluorescence microscopy workshop for young students

Girls' Day LogoOn 26th April 2018, PicoQuant holds a workshop following the motto “make the invisible visible” for young females from age 10 and upwards. The attendees of this years' Girls’ Day will not only meet female role models with leadership positions in research and business, but also gain insights into the worlds of technology, crafts, engineering, and science. The workshop's aim is to better understand light and fluorescence by investigating naturally occurring fluorophores like chlorophyll or aesculin from horse chestnuts under UV illumination. Furthermore, light microscopy will be used to visualize single cell structures, that are otherwise far too small to be seen by naked eye. The Girls’ Day is an annual event in research institutions and companies in Germany, that enables young females to get in touch with work fields where women are still underrepresented.


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