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Science in your lab - Zürich 2018

October 17, 2018 | Zürich, Switzerland

A new stop over of PicoQuants "Science in your lab" is in Zurich. Together with scientists of University of Zurich we organize a workshop about fluorescence and methods to detect fluorescence and lifetimes of different molecules. Main focus of this workshop is on characterization of molecules by mean of different fluorescence techniques. Here we demonstrate the FluoTime 300 - an advanced research-grade photoluminescence spectrometer with steady-state option for highly trained specialists as well as for occasional users. It is a modular, complex but still easy-to-use system with time resolution down to a few picoseconds. Different kind of samples e.g. liquids in standard cuvettes, solid samples, films and powder or even semiconductor wafers for in-line quality control can be investigated fast and reproducible.

Science in your lab - Zürich 2018

Seminar on the MicroTime 200

August 11, 2017 | Tianjin, China

This one-day-event was focused on the MicroTime 200 time-resolved confocal microscopy and was attended by many researchers and students from famous chinese universities and institutes.

Seminar on the MicroTime 200 - China 2017

Science in your labs - St. Louis 2016

December 2, 2016 | St. Louis, MO, USA

This one-day-event featured presentations from new and established investigators on topics of great relevance to biological interactions.

Science in your labs - St. Louis 2016 2016

Science in your labs - Moscow 2016

October 12, 2016 | Moscow, Russia

In this single day workshop, leading scientists introduced students, postdocs, technicians as well as professional researchers to the principles and applications of time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy.

Science in your labs - Moscow 2016 2016