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Product Studies

This page lists product studies or prototypes designed by our R&D department. Please note that items presented on this page are not necessarily readily available products. Feel free to contact us, if you are interested or want to contribute to any product study shown here.

High-power picosecond pulses at 488 nm

A fiber amplification system seeded by NIR/MIR gain-switched laser diodes optimized for entangled photon generation

  • Pulse width typ. under 60 ps (FWHM)
  • Average output power > 100 mW
  • Repetition rate from single shot up to 80 MHz, external or internal triggering
  • Collimated output, optional fiber coupling


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Inspired by the LIVE2QMIC project's need for having high-power picosecond pulses at 488 nm, PicoQuant developed this prototype laser by integrating a fiber amplification system seeded by NIR/MIR Gain-Switched Laser diodes optimized for Entangled Photon Generation. To achieve target power and wavelength, MOFA (Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier) configuration was constructed by connecting the output of the seed diode at 1950 nm, to two fiber amplifiers. To achieve the wavelength at 488 nm, the output of the second amplifier was connected to a frequency conversion setup which consists of two crystals.


Power vs repetition frequency

Application Example

Confocal FLIM is a popular tool for multiplexing and functional imaging of sensor fluorophores, but it is limited with regard to acquisition speed of large samples and live cell compatibility. Light-sheet microscopy, on the other hand, allows for fast and gentle imaging of large specimen. Combining both techniques would open new possibilities for fast volumetric FLIM.

To this end, Valentin Dunsing-Eichenauer from Aix-Marseille Université & CNRS, Johan Hummert from PicoQuant, Ivan Michel Antolovic from Pi Imaging Technology, and colleagues teamed up to develop single objective light-sheet microscopy with pulsed excitation using the high-power 488 nm laser prototype and time-resolved detection on a newly available SPAD array detector.

With their system, they show lifetime-based multiplexing in 3D as well as time-lapse FLIM of mechanosensitive tension probes at record speed in living embryonic organoids.



Valentin Dunsing-Eichenauer, Johan Hummert, Claire Chardès, Thomas Schönau, Léo Guignard, Rémi Galland, Gianluca Grenci, Max Tillmann, Felix Koberling, Corinna Nock, Jean-Baptiste Sibarita, Virgile Viasnoff, Ivan Michel Antolovic, Rainer Erdmann, Pierre-François Lenne

"Fast volumetric fluorescence lifetime imaging of multicellular systems using single-objective light-sheet microscopy"

bioRxiv 2024.03.24.586451 (2024)

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