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Photon Counting Camera


Photon Counting Camera

  • Pure single photon counting in time domain
  • List mode storage of all photophysical parameters (xy coordinates, TAC, abs. arrival time, spectral signature, polarization, digital markers)
  • Best time resolution of a wide field system (down to 50 ps)
  • Location coordinates according to the patented procedures
  • Analysis of complex fluorescent dyes with multi-exponential decays

Logo PhotonscoreThe heart of the LINCam – a photon counting camera manufactured by Photonscore – is a position sensitive microchannel plate based detector assembly coupled to a data acquisition system with high time resolution. Pairing the LINCam with pulsed light sources allows turning any conventional fluorescence microscope into a powerful scanning free time-resolved instrument. Using it in conjunction with off-the-shelf optics makes it suitable
even for larger scale applications such as Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).

Time and Space Correlated Single Photon Counting

Sample pictureThe high spatial resolution of the LINCam is equivalent to a CCD camera with 1000 × 1000 pixels (i.e. a 1 Mpixel camera). This resolution is achieved by using a microchannel plate photomultiplier tube with a quadrant anode readout system.

The data acquisition system records both space and time information for each detected photon and can achieve an overall time resolution of down to 50 ps (FWHM). The included easy to use acquisition software can export this data in HDF5 format. The output files can be imported into the SymPhoTime 64 software package for a detailed FLIM analysis.

Spectral ranges between 200 nm and 800 nm

Four different photocathode types are available for the LINCam. The bialkali photocathode provides excellent sensitivity in the UV and blue spectral range, while two
different multialkali photocathodes (S20, Spectral sensitivity S20BB) are available for measurements at longer wavelengths. The LINCam can also be equipped with a solar blind photocathode, which is suited for the detection of UV radiation especially in outdoor applications.


Active area diameter 25 mm 40 mm
Positional resolution 1000 x 1000 pixel
Temporal resolution 50 ps FWHM
Microscope mount C-mount T-mount
Housing dimensions 145 x 78 x 50 mm 145 x 100 x 53 mm
Weight 500 g 600 g
Cooling Air / Liquid

Acquisition system

Generation 2
Generation 3*
Maximal count rate 1 MHz 5 MHz
Dead time 300 ns 80 ns
Minimum time bin width 1.5 ps 1 ps
Electrical resolution 6 ps 12 ps
Number of histogram bins 4096 Infinite
Time tagging resolution 10 ns 8 ns
Reference input Positive or negative NIM
Computer interface USB 2.0 Gigabit Ethernet
Operating system Windows 7/10 64 Bit

* preliminary data

All Information given here is reliable to our best knowledge. However, no responsibility is assumed for possible inaccuracies or omissions. Specifications and external appearances are subject to change without notice.

The LINCam can be used for various applications such as:

Fluorescence lifetime imaging
Time-of-Flight measurements
• Low-light observations
• XRay tomography

The following document is available for download: