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January 15, 2008

PDL 800-D - a new driver for picosecond diode laser heads

Driver includes 16 disctinct repetition rates and also allows continous wave operation

PDL 800-DPicoQuant GmbH has launched a new picosecond diode laser driver for pulsed and  continuous-wave operation. The PDL 800-D is based on the well established technology of the PDL 800-B and therefore allows to control the full range of PicoQuant´s pulsed Laser Diode Heads (LDH Series) and pulsed LEDs (PLS Series) which cover a broad wavelength range from 260 nm to 1550 nm.

The PDL 800-D includes 16 distinct user-selectable repetition rates between 31.25 kHz and 80 MHz based on two low-jitter internal quartz oscillators along with a frequency divider. An external trigger input with variable threshold additionally permits to work at any other repetition rate between single shot and 80 MHz. As a special feature, the PDL 800-D can also be used for continuous-wave operation with the new dual-mode laser heads of the LDH-D Series. The PDL 800-D includes of course all other features of the PDL 800- B like a synchronization output or adjustment of the laser power. In addition to that two newly added gating inputs allow to suppress the laser emission by an external signal on a timescale of milliseconds resp. nanoseconds.

Applications are: time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, FLIM, FCS, FRET, FLCS, quantum key distribution and many more.



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