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Exhibitions and Conferences

PicoQuant participates in several exhibitions, shows, and conferences throughout the world. These events are ideal opportunities to meet PicoQuant representatives, to see our products and to discuss your needs.


MAF 2022

September 11 - 14, 2022 | Gothenburg, Sweden

MAF has a long-standing tradition of bringing together world-leading experts in fluorescence, one of the most powerful spectroscopy and imaging methods with applications ranging from materials research to life sciences. The aim is to keep and develop this tradition and to gather a large number of established scientists, emerging investigators, students and postdocs to discuss state-of-the-art of this field of research. 

Come and meet our experts in Gothenburg

MAF 2022 - 17th conference on Methods and Applications in Fluorescence

GBM Fall Conference 2022 "Molecular Basis of Life"

September 14 - 16, 2022 | Düsseldorf, Germany

The conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel (Heinrich Heine University) in collaboration with several GBM study groups. This meeting is intended to promote lively discussions at the crossroads of various fields of biochemistry such as biophysics, structural biology, bioenergetics, cell biology, bioinformatics and others.

PicoQuant sponsors the "Young Investigator Award" at the conference.

Meet us at our booth in the exhibition area

GBM Fall Conference 2022 “Molecular Basis of Life”

2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 27 - December 2, 2022 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

November 27 - December 2, 2022, in Boston, Massachusetts

December 6 - December 8, 2022, Virtual

The world's foremost international scientific gathering for materials research, the MRS meeting showcases leading interdisciplinary research in both fundamental and applied areas presented by scientists from around the world.

Meet us at booth #317

2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
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